Antreas Constantinou


Second instructor

   Antreas Constantinou (1ST DAN-SHODAN)                                        Born 30 January 2002(son of sensei Marios Constantinou).2007 for one year practice on Taekwondo and Karate Wado ryu and 2013 for one year practice on Karate shotokan .Start Aikido 2008 at age of six.He was trained ,with a lot of instructors of Aikikai from Europe and from Japan .Some of them is,Sensei Masahiro Nagaoka from Japan ,Sensei Babis Keranis from Greece,Sensei Fanis Kokolis from Greece,Sensei Maxim Lunev from Russia,Sensei Bret Smith from England,and a lot of others.At 12 November 2013 get his 1st dan junior and at 3 January 2017 his 1st shodan.He is honored life member of Shodai Kodowkwan Great Britain.Also At 10 April 2018 honored by Taihojutsu grand academy instructors with the certificate of the youngest instructor of the year.Also recognize by world aikido bureau.(JAPAN)

With Sensei Masahiro Nagaoka