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Basic Aikido Techniques
Other Important Basic Aikido Exercises – According to Traditional Aikido of Sonoma, “O’Sensei once said that a student could learn all the basics of aikido if he practiced just three techniques: tai-no-henko, morotedori-kokyuho, and suwariwaza-kokyuho”.
Nage Waza – Aikido Throws
Tekubi Waza – Aikido Wrist Techniques
Hiji Waza – Aikido Elbow Techniques
Uki Waza – Aikido Floating Techniques
Aikido Deflections & Parries
Atemi Waza – Aikido Striking Techniques
Aikido Choking Techniques
Aikido Defenses Against Chokes
Aikido Ushiro Waza – Defenses Against Rear Attacks
Defenses Against Punches or Knife Hand Strikes
Defenses Against Kicks
Defenses Against Grabs
Weapon Defenses
Aikido Ukemi – Aikido Falling Techniques
Aikido Warm-Up Exercises
Miscellaneous Aikido Techniques