Taiho jutsu Grand Academy-Keisatsu Taiho jutsu class

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Learn about 警察逮捕術 -Keisatsu Taiho jutsu-police arrest art

Keisatsu Taiho Jutsu is a martial arts style that was originally designed to help feudal police arrest armed criminals. In modern times, Taiho Jutsu focuses heavily on non-lethal approaches (i.e. joint locks for restraint). However, Keisatsu Taiho Jutsu students also receive a large amount of training in traditional martial arts techniques such as kicks and punches.
,According to the TAIHOJUTSU GRAND ACADEMY “The combination of wrist controls, arm controls, holds and locks used in Aikido,Ju Jutsu, and Karate, make Taiho Jutsu an ideal art for police officers. The “harder” karate techniques were added in case the use of force escalates and a stronger amount of force is necessary. Combined together, this martial art is without equal, not only for police work, but all around self-defense.Taihojutsu grand academy created 2016″In Taiho jutsu Grand Academy we are 4 Countries ,8 Instructors all over the world .Sensei Shaun Hoddy 7th dan Tomiki Aikido,Shihan Nuno Santos 8th Dan Ninjutsu,Sensei Dimitrios Antoniadis 6th Dan Wadoryu Karate,Sensei Marios Constantinou 5th Dan Aikido,2nd dan in Taihojutsu,Sensei Panagiotis Tzelepis 6th Dan Shitoryu Karate, Sensei Bret Smith 4th Dan Aikido,Sensei Vangelis Makris 1st Dan Aikido,3rd dan in Taihojutsu,Sensei Ricardo Castro 4rth Dan Aikido and Kyusho and Sensei Stavros Fafoutakis 7th dan in ITF Taekwondo.We have also been recognized by EPPO (European private police officers)and WMAB World Martial Arts Bureau.