5th dan (Cyprus Aikido Academy)

Sensei Marios Constantinou Biography

Born :30 March 1968 in Nicosia (Cyprus).
1980 started Karate Wado ryu and he got Shodan(1st Dan), with the Sensei Aleco Constantinou.
In 1985 when he served in the army he was a sergeant and trainer of the military group of 1986 .
From 1987 -1996 also worked us a bodyquart at the night clubs in Ayia Napa.
In 2008 he got his Godan(5th Dan)in Aikido.
2010 he founded CYPRUS AIKIDO ACADEMY and he is the owner of Nami dojo . He cooperate and training ,with a lot of instructors of Aikikai,and other Martial arts from Europe and from Japan .Some of them is,Sensei Masahiro Nagaoka from Japan ,Sensei Babis Keranis from Greece,Sensei Fanis Kokolis from Greece,Sensei Maxim Lunev from Russia,Sensei Bret Smith from England and a lot of others. He also teache seminars all over the world like Cyprus and Greece and Great Britain.He is one of the founders ,of the TAIHO JUTSU GRAND ACADEMY, which is based in PORTUGAL,GREAT BRITAIN, GREECE and CYPRUS and he is the first, who brought Taiho jutsu keisatsu and he is only exclusive representative of Taihojutsu keisatsu in Cyprus.He create also the GENDAI-SELF DEFENSE BODY TRAINING system only for women ,after more than 35 years experience on body training ,in Martial Arts and bodybuilding
.GENDAI-SELF DEFENSE BODY TRAINING created on September 2015.He is also honored member of international Kuroryukan Ninjutsu organization and life member of Shodai Kodowkwan Great Britain.
In 2017 got his 2nd Dan in Taiho jutsu keisatsu and 1st Dan Shinobi Nintai jutsu(Ninjutsu).
2018 was elected president of Taihojutsu grand academy.AIKIWORLD(READ MORE)

Through the years !!


In Greece in Fukushinkan Dojo with Sensei Babis Keranis shidoin 5th dan

Sensei Marios Constantinou seminar in Greece ,6 April 2016, 1 April 2017 and 10 April 2018.

Our academy registration number :2299 AIKIKAI


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