Instructor in Athens

Born 15 January 1968 in Athens Greece.He start with KUNG-FU BAK SHAOLIN the EANGLE CLAW STYLE at 1984 The School belongs to Grand Master LEUNG LEE FU with Sifu Bashir Hasan. From 2007 until 2012 start training in TAIHO JUTSU in the Dojo of Sensei Marios Kontozi and at the same time in Karate Shotokan until now. The 2014 began in NINJUTSU BUJINKAN witch continue until today with the Sensei Claus Stouraitis 5th Dan .Hes also the founder of Nintaihojutsu, that has based Taihojutsu philosophy.At 2015 beging new training seminars, with the Grand Master ,Evan Pantazi, in Kyusho Jutsu and continue with Sensei Bobby Sympoulide and Sensei Richardo Castro that his the Leader of the group.Also trained in Kashima Shin Ryu-Battojutsu.He start Aikido with Sensei Makis Potiris until 4th kyu and after continue with Sensei Marios Constantinou and get his 1st Dan in 1 April 2017 .Now his the teacher of Tenchin Dojo and one of the founders of Taihojutsu grand academy who has based in Greece- Cyprus – Great Britain and Portogal. He has 1st Dan in Aikido , 2nd dan Nintaihojutsu , and 2nd dan Nintaijutsu .Hes also the instructor of Cyprus Aikido Academy in Athens